Thursday, February 16, 2012

February so far...

Well, Valentine’s has come and gone – and February is now halfway over!  Time is just going by way too fast.
Jesse had the big 3-0 birthday yesterday.  We got sushi take out (girls opted for hamburger happy meals, imagine that) – went home, and enjoyed a meal together.  Then it was bath time, which he had to take care of because I had cookies to bake…. Once the girls were in bed we watched an episode of Smallville (yes, I am totally addicted to shows like Smallville…One Tree Hill…Pretty Little Liars… the list goes on).  But Jesse likes to watch them to, so it works. J  And the rest of our evening consisted of me falling asleep on the couch.  Jesse’s been out of town quite a bit this month with the Dixie Nationals in Jackson.  He wasn’t even home for Valentine’s day… but at least he got to be home for his birthday.  He even hid my Valentine in my truck Sunday before he left, so Tuesday morning I had a text to check my passenger visor.  And I got a sweet card from Caleigh.. so I was a happy girl.  But he leaves again today.  L  Good thing is I get to cuddle with my girls all night.  Bad thing is that I have the HARDEST time getting out of the house on time anyway, and when he’s gone… well… Let’s see.. Monday I did not wake up until 7:30 am (which is when I need to be walking out the door  but I apparently did something seriously wrong with my alarm clock) – so I had to check Caleigh in right before 9AM, and I was an hour late for work.  The next morning, I got up early, and still ended up late.  Abbey was running a low grade fever, so I had to get her some meds, and make sure they both had all of their stuff for valentine’s day.  I was only 5 minutes late that day…. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

A little more technologically advanced...

I FINALLY got an iPhone.  I got a Blackberry in Oct 10 (and I thought I was cool then…) – and I swore up and down that I did NOT want a touchscreen…  Then CSpire started selling the iPhones…and I started having trouble with my Blackberry (seriously, it didn’t just ‘conveniently’ mess up… well, I guess it was pretty convenient, but it was not my fault!).  So after getting some good cookie $$, I convinced Jesse to let me upgrade.  I am totally in love with this phone – I didn’t know what I was missing!  I think one of my favorite things to play with are the multiple photo editing apps.  LOVE IT!

OK, this last picture is of a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich (MINT) - which is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!  It was actually after 11PM last night when I decided I needed a snack.  Probably not the best thing to do, especially since I'm trying to shed some pounds... but It was calling my name. :-) 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Only Tuesday?

No pictures yet… just haven’t had time to do it.
I took on the biggest single order I have ever gotten – 150 cookies – and have been quite the busy girl.
Fortunately I was able to take off work early yesterday, so I got to spend time with my girls AND work on finishing up those cookies.  Now I have 2 other orders to take care of this week… but no worries.  I always manage to get everything done (even if it means getting very little sleep).  It would be nice to sit at my new kitchen table (that my dad built for me – I need to post a picture of that too – it’s awesome!). But it is currently covered up by cookie sheets…cookie boxes…wax paper…you get the idea.  Jesse is someone who HATES clutter.  I can’t say I like it, but it just really gets under his skin.  Unfortunately, it’s been a constant thing at our home.  Our loveseat has turned into a clean laundry catcher (goes out of the dryer and to the loveseat – and if we are lucky, we’ll get that laundry put away before another load is added to it).  Mail and schoolwork usually hits the kitchen counter, then on to the kitchen table when the counter needs to be occupied by, I don’t know, cooking maybe?? We should actually try to have more people over.  Seems like when we know we are having company, it takes no time to get the house cleaned (just don’t open our bedroom door, or something may fall on you…).  It’s particularly embarrassing when Jesse forgets to tell me that the pest control guy is coming until after he comes…and I’m mortified at what he has seen (like certain types of laundry that may be in clear view…if you get my drift). Oh well, such is life. 

And if anyone is actually reading this, it’s way more fun to read blogs when pictures are involved.  So I will try to step up my game (sooner than later – but I make no promises).    

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm BACK! I think.... :-)

I think I might give this blogging thing another go.  I got a bit sidetracked by facebook… but it’s so much more fun to blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I still check out fb daily…. but it’s just been irking me lately.  It’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted what’s going on in our lives.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with my cookie blog – but I’m going to give it my best shot! 
To catch up – my two sweet girls are growing up way too fast.  Caleigh will be 7 in March, and Abbey will be 4 in April.  It just blows my mind how big they are getting – and how smart they are.  Caleigh is in 1st Grade at New Hope – and has had all A’s since starting in K, and has only had to change her light 1 yellow 1 time!  I’m so proud of her – just wish we could get a little of that good behavior at home.  But I guess I’d rather her be a spitfire at home if it means she is good everywhere else….
On a completely different note…we have Abbey.  Who is the total opposite of Caleigh.  She gives ‘spitfire’ a whole new meaning.  She is super stubborn, hilarious, sweet, loud, crazy…I could go on and on.  Caleigh has always been the quiet, reserved one.  And Abbey decided she would shake things up.  She is so animated – I don’t know where she gets it!  But, she is so quick to thank you for something.  She was even looking through her scrapbook last night, and saw the pictures from her 1st birthday party.  There was one where Caleigh was helping her open a gift, and so she leans over and gives Caleigh a big hug and says ‘Thank you Caleigh for helping me open my presents!’.  So sweet!  And Caleigh is so willing to do for others – both my girls are the BEST!  And I don’t know what I would do without them! 
Well, hopefully I’ll be back on here soon with updated pictures and such. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My sweet little 4 year old informed me last night that she was kissed by someone in her class. KISSED?!? So I was desperately trying not to laugh (and of course Jesse wasn’t there to hear it first hand), and I asked her who it was. So she got all shy and said ‘Avery’ – and right now I’m not sure which one that is, so I will definitely have to find out. I asked her what he did and she said ‘like this’ and she kissed me on the cheek (much to my relief). I asked if she’d told anybody, and she said she told Ms. Leah – and proceeded to tell me that ‘kids aren’t supposed to kiss other kids’. So I asked what she did – and her response was ‘I didn’t kiss him back’ – PHEW! I waited until she went back to her bedroom and I called Jesse (took me a couple of minutes to tell him because I was laughing so hard). Of course he didn’t like it too much. :-)
On a different note, I finished ‘Twilight’ last night. I stayed up until 11:30 because I absolutely had to finish it. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get into a book and want to finish it – but I tell ya, this one has me hooked. After some coaxing from Mariam, I bought the book Saturday – and stayed up until 1:30 Sunday morning reading. I did not want to put it down! So I’m going today to buy the 2nd book in the ‘saga’. I am very anxious about the DVD release this weekend – I’ve already told Jesse I’ll be buying the movie.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Caleigh Turns 4!

Caleigh’s birthday was yesterday (March 9th), but we had her party Saturday (March 7th). We could not have asked for the weather to be any better than it was – it was absolutely beautiful! Which was great so we were able to spend most of the time outside. The kids enjoyed jumping on Caleigh’s new trampoline (and so did I!). Then yesterday I took the day off work to spend with Caleigh. It was just me and her – Jesse had to work and Abbey went to daycare. The weather was still wonderful, and it was a really good day. We played outside, picked up Jesse for lunch, went to McDonald's (she actually wanted Pepper's, but we didn't have time to do that if Jesse was going with us), took Jesse back to work, and went to town for a while. Then we had to get ice cream of course! I can’t believe she’s 4!! Last night I fixed her some chocolate milk in a sippy cup. She took a swig and said, ‘oh wait, I forgot, I don’t need to drink out of a sippy cup anymore’ – so I asked ‘so you think that since you are 4 you don’t have to drink out of a sippy cup?’ – her response was ‘well, yeah’. Like, ‘duh mom’…. Here are some pics from the party.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Beautiful Weekend!

We had such a good weekend – the weather was perfect! Jesse had gone to Jackson to work at the Dixie National Friday and Saturday, so me and the girls loaded up and headed down there Saturday morning. Jesse’s cousin Dan and his wife Shealyn and there 2 kids live in Brandon & there little girl Reagan was having her 2nd birthday party – so we went there while Jesse was working. Caleigh had a great time jumping on the trampoline (so of course now she wants one), and we ended up spending the night there. Jesse actually got off early – so it worked out pretty good. We hung out Sunday morning, went to lunch – and got home much later than we had planned, but it was worth it to get to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with family. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have weather like this the weekend of Caleigh’s party. On her 2nd birthday it was absolutely perfect weather (much like it was this weekend), and last year it snowed. So there is no telling what the weather will do – I’m just going to hope for the best.


Abbey has decided she likes bath time. For the first few weeks of her life she HATED baths (so did mommy and daddy). She likes kicking her feet in the water.

my caleigh bug....

my caleigh bug....
this was before we got her hair cut - her bangs were awful! :-)


Yes, she has 'bed head'. She didn't even change out of her PJ's until she had a bath that night. Any time that I want to get her all 'cutsied up' to take pictures, she refuses and it turns into a battle until I finally give up. Guess I'm having to pay for being so stubborn myself....